Food & Drinks at Murchison Lodge

On your arrival at Murchison Lodge (ideally, sometime between 3 and 7 pm) you will be welcomed with the offer of a drink, and, if useful, a chat about the local area.

Your stay will include a full breakfast the timing of which is flexible. Unless otherwise specified, we usually are ready at 8 am.

For evening meals you can either choose from our menu or head into town to the various cafes and pubs.

See below for more details on what is available.


Being a B&B, of course the ‘breakfast’ is included in your room rate!

This is a communal meal served at the dining room table. With an array of cereals, muesli, yogurt, fresh fruits, juices, cold plattern, home baked bread, jams and bacon and eggs.

In the lounge there is an area for guests to help themselves at any time to hot and cold drinks and snacks.

Tea and coffee is available.

The fridge holds milk and filtered water and has space for guest items as well.



For your convenience, we have a small selection of wines, beers and whiskys.

We stock a local selection of white wines in the fridge and red wines at room temperature. Wine can be bought for $5 a glass or $20 a bottle.

Cold beers are in the fridge and cost $4.00 a 330ml bottle.

A glass of Scotch single malt whisky (2cl) is available for $7.50.

If you prefer to bring your own drinks there is room in the fridge and glasses available for use.



There are various cafes and restaurants in Murchison giving a variety of dining experiences. They are all just a 10 minute stroll away from the Lodge.

Please ask us for ideas when you arrive.

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